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We do hope you all enjoy Corners k9 field but to ensure this remains a pleasant experience for all users we do ask you abide by the following rules:

Field Rules

You are only able to use the field if you have booked the time slot online.

Park either within the field or just outside field boundary. No parking on North Moor Road or Millfield Lane.

If the user arrives late the booking time cannot be extended. No refunds are given for no show.

Maintain a safe distance away from the gate until the field is free. Please do not get dogs out of vehicles or keep well away from the entrance if on foot - other dogs may have issues so please respect their personal space. 

Never leave dogs unattended in the car or unsupervised at any point during the booking

Dogs must be kept on leads (or within the car if driving in) until safely inside the secure field boundary and the gate closed.

Please make sure the field gate is closed and locked immediately upon leaving the field.

Please pick up after your dogs, preferably using biodegradable poo bags, and place in the bin provided.

Happy for you to bring a picnic but please take all rubbish home with you. Do not dispose of this in the poo bin. Glass bottles are prohibited. Safely dispose of cigarette ends in the sand bucket.

The field will be inspected regularly; however we would welcome notification of any concerns that may occur within the field facility. This field is not a manicured park so the ground can be uneven – take care when walking.

With regards to bio security the risks of using the field is the same as going for a normal walk.  It is recommended all dogs using the field must be fully updated with worming and vaccinations however we cannot guarantee this.

Please note there are no toilets or mains water on site. Please provide your own drinking water for the dogs.

Failure to pick up dog waste, rubbish or toys will lead to the refusal of future use. If you find anything left by a previous user, please pick it up and let us know. Leave 5 minutes at the end of your session to check the field is clear. Spot checks take place.

Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions prior to using Corners k9 field.

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